From the time you choose to purchase your first Sam’s Sprouts Kit, you become part of a community dedicated to supporting the Urban Farming Movement, a movement that breaks down the idea that gardens can only be grown in our backyards.  Together, we can spread the word of how easy it is to eat healthy and to grow your own food while having fun at the same time.

organic micro-gardening

freshness & flavor

your community

Grow your own Organic Micro-Garden!
No soil.  No weeds. No pesticides.  No backyard needed.  By adding nothing other than water and sunlight to your Sam’s Sprouts Kit, you will create your very own nutrient dense, organic alfalfa sprouts; your own Garden-In-Your-Hand in six days flat.

Sam's  Sprouts

Micro-Gardening Made Easy

Sam's sprouts Alfalfa sprout growing kits ...

Everything needed to grow your own nutrient dense, organic alfalfa sprouts in six days

with only the help of sunlight and water!

Organic  &  Heathly

Fresh tasting with a slight crunch, your organic alfalfa sprouts are chock-full of countless vitamins and live, digestive enzymes.  Not only are they good for you, but they taste amazing and look great too.  From your Sam's Sprouts Kit you will grow and enjoy fresh, organic alfalfa sprouts that will make a fantastic addition to your soups, salads, sandwiches, and so much more!