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From all of us at Sam’s Sprouts, we wish you Happy Sprouting!

HOW TO ORDER Your Growing kit

A seed grows with care and support from its surroundings.  

By purchasing a Sam’s Sprouts Kit, you become part of a community that focuses on healthy eating, and helping to shed new light on the simplicity, cleanliness, and fun of indoor gardening. 

​We’re here to help make your gardening endeavours easy and enjoyable while staying environmentally conscious.

We’re proud to offer the Sam’s Sprouts Kits at the low price of $8 per Kit and - after hearing from our customers and learning that our kits make fantastic gifts - 2 can be bought for $15, and 3 for $20. 

We want to help you help others on their journey to micro-gardening and what better way to start than giving the gift of gardening in an organic, compact, ready-to-use Sam’s Sprouts Kit!