It is our ultimate goal to help you be part of - and thrive in - the urban farming movement.  For under $10, you can enjoy a Sam’s Sprouts Kit - everything you need to grow your own organic, nutrient-dense, alfalfa micro-garden in 6 days - guaranteed - with only minimal effort, water and sunlight.   Sam’s Sprouts Kits are created to be simple, and enjoyed by all.  Whether it’s the glass growing jar, the plant-based, compostable seed bag, the recyclable growing instructions, or the multi-use filter, each hand packaged kit is focused on reducing waste and reusing materials, showcasing how easy it is to recycle.

Organic  &  Heathly

  • We believe strongly in supporting a place of inclusivity where everyone is created equal and deserves to eat healthy.
  • ​We do our utmost to spread the word that there is no better option for our bodies and the planet than growing organically.
  • We believe that healthy and organic eating should be economical.
  • We believe that gardens are not limited to the back yard - food can be grown anywhere.


Sam's  Sprouts


​​As part of a socially and environmentally responsible community, we at

Sam’s Sprouts believe in the following Values:

it all starts with a seed  -  OUR VALUES